Sunday, February 7, 2016


Welcome to the blog home of Apis Luminous.

Here I discuss and create botanical preparations and remedies influenced by vintage and even ancient sources. I treasure the herbal wisdom that has passed through many millions of wise hands over many thousands of years as sacred knowledge, but one that each of us can access with hard work and steady guidance. I've self studied herbal medicine for well over twenty years, but just in the last several I have quilted my knowledge together and continue to do so under a magnificent mentor!

Many of the plants which compromise my closest Green Allies I either grow or wildcraft, often 30 pounds of elderberries a season and baskets and baskets of wild roses and St. Joan's Wort. What I can't procure myself, I gather from only the most ethical of sources. Even my menstruums include local, raw honey and organic spirits, and only pure mountain spring water. From every petal picked, root pulled or leaf dried until the time it is ready to be dispensed as a remedy, each of my botanical preparations is deeply aligned with my path as a Wise Woman healer. Prayers are sent, offerings left, the listening in my spirit attuned with those of the plant, respect is given.

I also embrace and practice the art of Flower Essences, a semi-modern approach to most likely the oldest of plant spirit medicines... like the collecting and drinking of fresh dew from plants and being imbued with their spirit energy, or essence. The wonderful part of being a Flower Essence (FE) practitioner today is that we have access to the entire world's flowers, and new discoveries are made every day in the field. I co-create many of my own essences and create more each season. I also utilize a wide variety of sources, such as FES, Bach, Flora Corona and Lichenwood.  FE's are wonderful adjunct healers, they support and influence you towards the positive aspects you wish to bring into your life, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual. I am a certified Flower Essence Practitioner through Lichenwood Herbals of Maine, and am grateful for the amazing teachings I received as part of that wonderful year.

I am looking forward to this blog as a way to share, give and receive inspiration, offer ideas and methods in living a deeper harmony with nature's green and blooming gifts. Welcome, welcome, welcome!


  1. I'm already looking forward to more posts. And great Green blessings to you!

    1. Rose! My very first comment, how perfect! Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration to me! <3

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