Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Everything is coming up LOVE

Welcome to the midpoint of winter, which we've just passed. How exciting it is to dream the seeds of your life into being while the Earth is dreaming her seeds, nestled deep under the snows or just under the soil into being as well. No wonder this is the beginning of the season of love, it's the beginning of the season of the fertility returning to our lovely northern hemisphere. Before Valentine's Day as we know it, came Lupercalia... a very ancient, raucous, joyous celebration of fertility. Many centuries later, as pagan customs are lost within Christianity, Valentine's Day celebrates many of the same deep stirrings of the seeds of renewed life sprouting anew. While today's Valentine's consumer madness can dispel and diminish the sacredness of this time of year, it can be a time of real reflection, of deeper connections to *all* the loves in your life, and most importantly, a reminder to love yourself as you grow, sprout and blossom in your own special ways. 

To celebrate the season and especially love, I have a small quantity of these special duos to share. 

This is not your "typical" Valentine's Day gift, but one with depth and the ability to help you attune to the ultimate life force, Universal Love.

One full ounce of my Rose Elixir, a gift unto itself... to treat yourself to the full body and heart healing and opening effects of the wild rose, sure to help open and attune yourself to all the love that surrounds you.Share it with a partner, a lover, your friends, your mom! Included also is a half ounce of a custom created Flower Essence blend to celebrate the spirit of love in the air this time of the year. It's formulated to help open the heart, feel joy and appreciation for self, a connection to Universal Love and all of it's incredible healing energy, and finally fuel to keep the internal fires burning as a source of heart radiance.  This essence helps opens the doors to love in every possible way, the first and foremost be *your own*, and with that, you are freer and more receptive to the love of a partner, your family, kids, friends, animals and plants, even the Earth and the Cosmos that surrounds her.  (Essences of Hawthorn, White Colombine, Indian Pipe, Mango and Ocotillo utilized)

heart emoticoBe blessed by love each day of your life!
These limited sets are $22, packaged beautifully and nestled into enough beautiful Rosa centrifolia buds and petals for a perfect tisane for two, and garnished with a little heart memento.  Remember to celebrate your loving spirit this season, and the loving spirits of special friends and family. Be blessed by love every day!  Contact me at queenbee@apisluminous.com to order, or through a Facebook message! Please join me there at https://www.facebook.com/ApisLuminousBotanicals to keep updated between blog posts. It's going to be an exciting year!